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"The past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future."


Marilyn Ferguson


At early age I was already fascinated by systems and asked myself questions such as

 “ How do connections work?, “Who is loyal to what and to whom?”, “What is unspoken?”, “What makes good collaboration?” and “Is it possible to optimize connections, relations, achieving targets?” 

I realised that the development of people and of teams is one of the key differentiators for an organisation to strive for good partnerships, for result and therefore be successful. Understanding how the interaction and the communication works makes a fundamental difference.

I started working in corporate settings as an assistant to learn how things work in a “cockpit” of an organization. Later on, I moved to HR functions, heading up teams covering national and international roles and responsibilities. Since nearly 10 years I am self- employed and service organizations, families, teams and individuals.]

Over the past 25 years I developed an in-depth international experience as Senior Facilitator and Certified Coach working across the globe.

Together with the organization, teams and individuals we define a plan to make the next step possible by zooming in and out.
One’s development, the interest in interaction and unlocking

(unknown/unseen) potential are key drivers for doing what I love to do; being a Co-Driver! 

I'm known for delivering added value in sessions and coaching, for my adaptability to connect with different stakeholders across an organization and for empowering organizations, families, teams and people.

Last but not least, I am married to Wout and ”plus” mum of Ruben and Siebe. Spending time outdoors energises me, as well as yoga, social interactions with family and friends and travelling. And yes, I am always studying something to extend my knowledge in order to support you even better.

Let’s get connected! 
Looking forward to meeting you, 

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn."

BEnjamin franklin

Count on me for

Sessions that make a difference
Interactive, fun and hands-on sessions
Session to review your (family) organizations and families and their ways of working
Team sessions/workshops
Team coachings
Individual coachings
Keynote speeches


And since I work with “what is in the moment”, I prefer to work “live”

Organizational development

  • Support and guidance during times of transformation

Family companies support

  • Support and guidance during times of transformation

  • Preparing the family to implement governance by looking at their typical patterns, communication and interaction styles

team development

  • How does the team fit into the organization? 

  • What are the key (systemic) dimensions to take into account?

  • Team development

  • Transformation / transition management

  • Soft skills topics (e.g. feedback, communication, presentation skills,…)

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Cross-cultural collaboration

  • Energy and stress management

  • Brain management

  • …and other topics

Ethic guidelines that I follow

  • International Coaching Federation

  • Process Communication guidelines

  • Insights Practitioner guidelines ]

  • Sytemic principles

  • MBTI guidelines

  • DISC guidelines

  • Berufsverband für Supervision und Organisationsentwicklung Switzerland



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